Rail Transportation in Morgan County, Alabama

Morgan County is served by one of the nation's best rail-barge systems. The CSX Railroad and the Norfolk Southern System serve the area with Norfolk's main east-west line connecting Decatur with major rail terminals while CSX's north-south line links Hartselle. Industries utilize three public barge terminals as well as the "Piggy Back" services offered by rail and barge companies.

International Intermodal Center

Located 12 miles northeast of Decatur and 22 miles northeast of Hartselle beside the Huntsville International Airport, the International Intermodal Center is connected to Norfolk Southern's mainline by a direct spur. Two 45-ton overhead gantry cranes work to move containers between rail cars, trucks and air cargo terminals. The center features a 45 acre depot yard with 24-hour security and seven miles of railroad track. Go to web site.