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Existing Industries

Morgan County is supported by a diverse existing industry base. Some of the industry clusters currently located in Morgan County include food processing, chemical, engineering, automotive, and aerospace/defense companies. The county is also home to several internationally-based companies.

In attracting new companies to the area, our goal is to recruit industries that complement our existing industry base with improved logistics, customer supply chains, and existing industry workforce skills. In addition, generating sustainable jobs and economic balance for the future based on national growth patterns remains a top priority.

Some of the recent targets identified for our area include:


Existing aerospace facilities located in Morgan County and throughout North Alabama, generate the positive network of highly skilled workers and training opportunities for continued success in the aerospace industry. In addition, the transportation of large components is readily available using the extensive waterway, rail and highway network.

Steel Processing and Heavy Gauge Tank Manufacturing

The availability of hot rolled, cold rolled and galvanized steel produced in Morgan County presents perfect logistical opportunities for steel processors and manufacturers of steel products. The ability to fabricate and ship large steel components and vessels by barge is an attractive benefit to this industry.

Logistics, Distribution, and Warehousing

The central location of Morgan County and our excellent extensive transportation networks provide an undisputed advantage for logistics, distribution, and warehousing companies. Multimodal logistics can benefit from our integrated road, rail, and water systems and the Huntsville International Airport’s Intermodal Facility.

Turbine and Power Transmission Equipment

This sector is comprised of establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing turbines, power transmission equipment and combustion engines for power supply resources. Morgan County’s rail and waterway infrastructure in addition to the skilled workforce and large mechanical engineering talent pool are competitive advantages for companies looking to locate in our area.

Robotics, Machining, Surgical Appliance, & Supplies Manufacturing

The presence of several highly specialized machining companies and the development of the Robotics Technology Park will benefit those producing highly detailed parts and appliances for a variety of industries. A workforce trained in PLC and robotics technology will be readily available throughout north Alabama and companies will benefit from the local support and training by multiple robotics company representatives on-site at the Robotics Training Park.