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Industrial Directory

Search our online Industrial Directory using the tools below. You can click a letter in the Alphaindex list above, to see a list of businesses that begin with that letter. Or you may use the search box below to search by company name if you already know the name, You'll need to enter at least 3 - 5 letters of the name to locate it. You may also choose a type of industry from the list below. 

Doyle's Supply

Welding equipment

Dynetics, Inc.

Aerospace research-structural test stand

EFP Corporation

Polystyrene packaging

Fatback Pig Project

Pork slaughter & processing


Manufacturing industrial filters

Filtech - Woodland

Specialized machinery, fabrication, machine shop

Friedman Industries

Hot rolled steel processing

FSI Fleet Services, Inc.

Couriers & express delivery

Gavilon Grain

Grain handling, storage, etc.

Gemstone Foods, LLC

Poultry further processing

GreenPoint Ag

Wholesale/retail farm supplier merchant

Gregory Tube

Steel tubing and roll forming mill